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The Past Life Regression Hypnosis Program is made up of 9 audios that are designed to teach people how to experience self-hypnosis and past life regression. Use the program at your own pace. Download and keep the program on your own device to use forever.

Audios: Run Time: 170 Minutes

  1. Welcome to Past Life Regression
  2. Introduction to Self-Hypnosis
  3. Guided Self-Hypnosis Training
  4. Introduction to Visualization
  5. Visualization Exercise 1
  6. Visualization Exercise 2
  7. Metaphysical Concepts: Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation and the Soul
  8. Introduction to Past Life Regression
  9. Past Life Regression – The Session (Includes: Induction & Body Part Relaxation, Deepening, Light Energy for Protection & Healing, Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session, Awakening)


  1. 37-page learning manual (Includes 3 interactive exercises to explore the mind)

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